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Adult Therapy:

Working collaboratively with adults to identify growth and change opportunities to enhance quality of life. We work to create individualized treatment plans to meet the needs of one’s busy schedule.

Child Therapy :

Working both individually and with parent/guardians to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative treatment plan approach. We offer a variety of scheduling options for children.

Family Therapy:

Working with families to identify strengths and problem areas where communication skills and routines can be developed to help with family cohesiveness.

Couples Therapy:

Assisting couples to improve their communication skills by helping to identify unhealthy relationship patterns. We work to reduce defensiveness and increase fair fighting promoting healthy emotional and intimate relationships.

Custody/Parenting Time evaluations:

Providing a third, neutral, party to help evaluate what is in the best interest of a child/children. Custody Evaluations are used when parents are in disagreement about custody time and opportunities. This process is often used after unsuccessful or challenging mediation occurs.

Clinical Supervision:

Providing supervision to individuals on licensing track to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota. We work with mental health practitioners to ensure they are providing a ethical, high quality therapy service to the public.

Our group of experienced Independent Therapists provide a wide variety of Mental Health and Therapy Services in the Twin Cities area.

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