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Custody Evaluations

The purpose of a custody evaluation is to have a third; neutral party, evaluate what is best for the children when parents are not able to agree on custody.

The evaluator will provide recommendations after conducting a thorough investigation of the situation, to help parents settle the custody arrangement outside of court. When parents are unable to resolve custody concerns outside of court, your custody evaluator can draft a report to submit to the court.


Meet with the attorneys of both parents.

Meet with both parents together.

Interview each parent alone 3 times per parent.

Have a 3rd party conduct a psychological evaluation with each parent

Interview all of the children involved.

Interview children independently in some cases.

Observe each parent in their home with the children.

Interview Collateral sources provided by each parent.

Meet with the attorneys of each parent to provide recommendations.

Draft a report for the court (if requested).

Testify in court (if required)


Custody evaluations will take place in a variety of locations including in the office, at each parent’s home, and over zoom.

Due to COVID-19, meetings will take place via Zoom, or with a home visit, to each parent’s place of residence.


Therapies & Treatments

Couples Therapy

Couples’ therapy is a form of therapy in which a couple works with a therapist to find common ground. Therapy can be useful for establishing positive communication methods and can provide for a deeper connection and understanding of your relationship.

Individual Therapy

Power Of Change provides a wide variety of Therapy Services for Individuals. From common issues such as anxiety and depression to much more complex issues concerning mental health.

Family Therapy

Our Family Therapy Services provide Twin Cities families a safe and productive environment to work on a host of issues you may be encountering. Death, drug abuse, school, family dynamics. Our Licensed Therapists are here to help.

Our group of experienced Independent Therapists provide a wide variety of Mental Health and Therapy Services in the Twin Cities area.

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